Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Men of St Joseph have a new reason to cheer:  today the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments has authorized the addition of St Joseph's name to be inserted into Eucharistic Prayers II, III & IV (by order of Blessed Pope John XXIII his name was already added to Eucharistic Prayer I--the "Roman Canon"--during the time of the Second Vatican Council).

If you like, this completes the portrait of the Holy Family in our Eucharistic worship, and it reminds us that all roles in life that are love-based and faithfully done are blessed.  Mary was specially chosen for a unique role in the history of our salvation in Christ; Joseph, no less so.  Too often relegated to the shadows and backdrop of the life of the Savior (almost like he was simply painted onto the scenery), still his presence was critical for the human formation of the Son of God--also known as "the carpenter," or "the son of the carpenter." 

From St Joseph Jesus no doubt learned two central lessons:  hard work, and good work.  These are lessons we all can take to heart, as men in families, as workers in our own sphere of activity, as people who involve themselves (male or female) in active love in the world.

So:  welcome, St Joseph!  May our praise for your dedication be a source of joy for you in your place in the Kingdom!