Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Haiti is already a land of desolation: from the de-forested countryside to urban mega-slums like Cite Soleil, the poverty of this half of Hispaniola is indescribable, even after you have been there (as I was, in 2000).

I often thought that even if I had all the money of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined, I still wouldn't know how to "fix" the country. There is virtually no infrastructure at all: no sewerage, no proper electricity, no general sanitation, no roads, no drainage, no reliable source of safe drinking water, no proper housing... Where would one start?

The earthquake has compounded the sufferings a land of beautiful people who have endured more than any corporate "suffering servant" should have had to bear. Death and destruction are overwhelming.

If you would like to help, two sources of aid (already "on the ground" there--they have been, for years and years) are Catholic Relief Services and Food For The Poor. These are trusted organizations, and your gifts will go directly to help the victims of this massive tragedy. Please do what you can! [SEE BELOW]
UPDATE: Our Savior will have a special collection for Haiti earthquake relief. I will announce it this weekend, and it will be taken up the weekend of 23/24 Jan. Checks should be made payable to Our Savior, with a notation "earthquake relief" on the line in the lower left-hand of the check. We'll consolidate and send one large check to Catholic Relief Services.
UPDATE #2: Archbishop Rodi is requesting the special collection to be taken up this weekend. I will gladly accept donations both weekends and then send the check to the Chancery to be forwarded to CRS.


  1. Haiti, which normally resides in oblivion, but with an*, which denotes little progress for the poorest of the poor, has undergone destruction of the fiercest kind. Even greater suffering than the usual is now inflicted on our fellow humans. Now the world's conscience has been re-awakened. Credo Action supports Doctors without Borders. All three of its primary medical centers have collapsed in the Port-au-Prince locale.They have already set up temporary shelters and are offering emergency care on the ground. Credo Action has strongly advised President Obama to give Temporary Protected Status for Haitian refugees. Has not your latest blog brought out the current status of the migrant? And hopes for
    reviewing the current immigration laws along compassionate lines.
    Change them and reasons will quickly appear.

  2. All we disciples of Jesus...a response to the tragedy in Haiti is not one of charity but of JUSTICE! aidan