Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today's Gospel at Mass was the healing by Jesus of a man with a withered hand.  It was in a synagogue on a Sabbath; the Pharisees were not pleased.  Nevertheless, Jesus healed the man.

An extraordinarily touching evocation of this scene (Mark 3:1-6) comes from the American composer John Adams.  He is one of a series of composers known for "minimalism," in which patterns are repeated multiple times.  It takes great concentration to play his music since it's easy to lose track of how many times a pattern has been played, thus missing the time for changing it!  Still, this piece presents a gentle introduction both to faith and to "minimalism"--Christian Zeal and Activity.  Enjoy!


  1. The effects of this composition were varied -- my affect was affected...without the scenes displayed, my eyelids drifted down, but the varied landscapes kept me tuned in without excitement.....THEN, the preacher spoke and my senses were jogged as the intonement of the belief that the Holy Spirit was present in Jesus and the excitement of this preacher made me truly believe that Jesus healed the withered hand and it is entirely likely that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are come down to our present time and we can believe, and we can believe that Jesus healed the withered hand so it could reach out to all.

  2. If a person takes the time, he is capable of seeing miracles during his life on earth.

    The miracle of a birth, or the miracle of the saving of a life; the miraculous beauty of a sunrise or a sunset; Or whether it is a healing in which we have seen or heard of...God has not abandoned us as many of the atheists and doers of the evil one want us to believe....