Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Is Sandra Hocutt competent to stand trial?  Why was she competent to marry??

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  1. After having given this matter due process, a reasonable explanation has come to mind.
    I believe Sandra Hocutt is competent to stand trial. She doesn't seem to follow a moral code in the biblical sense. In the secular world, many film stars, and others, hav married several times. Sandra was evidently unable to choose a compatible mate, assuming she divorced each choice due to unfulfilled expectations on her part. Obviously, she attracted those she did marry. Finally with husband #7, she had been frustrated enough. She stated he had abused her. She gave in to her impulse to do away with him for good. Therefore, legal steps should be taken entailing a jail sentence. Let's hope a male guard will not be a part of that institution!!