Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I believe the world is a different place without Osama bin Laden among us. 

I believe his killing has not accomplished the much larger and far more important goal, the defusing of terrorist ideology directed against the United States and Israel.

You may cut off the head of the Hydra, but it grows multiple new ones in its place. Frodo destroyed the One Ring and Sauron, yet Saruman was still capable of much “mischief.”

I find it impossible to rejoice that he has been killed, even though I am relieved that he is gone. I rather lament that he existed at all (at least, as he became).  See the Vatican link here to understand what I'm struggling with...


  1. Rev. Randy JonesMay 03, 2011 7:51 PM

    I too find myself struggling with exactly how I feel about bin Laden's death. I hear my Lord's words "pray for your enemies." I hear the cries of the martyrs from St. John's Apocalypse, "how much longer must we wait." In the end I remember this, "For God so loved the cosmos that he gave his only begotten Son." Despite all that we do on this third rock from the sun, the Son has done all that is necessary.

  2. Can we forgive Bin Laden? Can we pray for God to have mercy on his soul?
    Include his name in the Prayer of the Faithful?

  3. When I heard the news, I felt absolutely nothing - could not agree with the rejoicing (but can understand the symbolism for many). It was just another evil erased but not revolutionizing our world to a semblance of civility among nations. Yes, as the Rev. Randy Jones expressed the Way has already been shown by the ONE, I AM.

  4. I completely agree. I don't think I could "celebrate" anyone's death. I mean, I'm glad that he can no longer plan attacks on the US or other people/countries, but that's different from being glad he's gone. I keep thinking about his mother, his wives, his children, his friends. Whether or not we liked the things he did, he was SOMEONE to all of them and I'm sure they are hurting.