Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What did Jesus see in Matthew/Levi the tax-collector that He called him?

What did Matthew see in Jesus “the Messiah”(?) that he followed Him?  That is, when he finally looked at Jesus--judging by the painting, money was far more interesting to Matthew...

Matthew must have been a leader: look at the numbers of tax-collectors who joined him and Jesus and His disciples for dinner.

What do we see in Jesus?

Whom might we lead to the Lord (or away from Him) by our example?

It’s good to be called; it’s even better to respond and follow.

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  1. Jesus called Matthew. He saw him as a leader, passionate, and looking for the truth. Matthew recognized the same traits in Jesus. He saw a strong, magnetic personality who embraced different virtues - love, compassion, mercy and a liberating style of living - Matthew showed courage and followed Jesus without hesitation. Others of his ilk - greed, wealth formed their personalities - self-absorption was their guide to making a living. When Matthew followed Jesus, he ventured into an unfamiliar lifestyle. This culminated in his writing the Gospel of St. Matthew, inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    Most of us follow a lifestyle of self interests, for us and for our families. When we hear the call of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we can go through a conversion, if we choose. Then our outlook changes, and others begin to notice as we continue on this new journey, which can effect increased generosity and sensitivity to the needs of others. Then, perhaps, we can become the Pied Piper in attracting one or many.