Monday, November 9, 2009


In the current number of Magnificat, for this past Saturday, there was a lovely meditation on trust by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, a Carmelite from Belgium. In part, he said this:

“[Mary] believed when the angel spoke to her; she continued to believe even when the angel left her alone and she found herself in the condition of an ordinary woman who knows that she is about to become a mother….
The Blessed Virgin teaches us to believe in our vocation to sanctity, to divine intimacy. We did believe in it when God revealed it to us in the brightness of interior light…but we should also believe in it when we find ourselves alone, in darkness, amid difficulties that tend to disturb and discourage us. God is faithful, and he does not do things by halves: he will finish his work in us..."

The looming of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida here in Mobile is a concrete ‘sacramental’ of that darkness so many of us feel at various times in our spiritual walk. So long as we have followed the ‘hurricane preparedness guidelines” of our spiritual life, we’ll survive even through the storms.

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