Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Many of you use the Magnificat Lenten Companion, but many others do not. Yesterday’s meditation was a special one, I think, and so I want to share it with you, with full acknowledgement both to Magnificat and to the author of the meditation, Msgr. Gregory E. S. Malovetz:

I observe my dog as she makes her way into the veterinary office, ready for her annual checkup. At sixteen years old, she is no longer ‘showroom new,’ as her face is now gray and arthritis slows her down. Once we are with the vet, I explain what has changed since my last visit: my dog can no longer jump up on the bed, she will not go up stairs, and she has difficulty getting into the car. The vet senses the melancholy in my voice. She pets the dog and smiles, and looking at me, says, ‘Well, that’s what you’re there for.’ As I get older, Lent becomes less a time of recounting my sins. It is a time when I sense how things have changed in my life. In consider the situations over which I have no control. The challenge of the season is to stand firm in faith during those moments. The journey of Lent is a time of counting on the power of Jesus to keep me firm and steady, when the ground below me shifts. All around me, there are people for whom the journey has become more difficult. They do not need my judgment or my opinion. They need me to stand with them in the power of Jesus. I must realize that’s what I am here for.

May this Lent be for all of us a time for realizing “what I am here for.”


  1. This is beautiful, and yes there are those of us that see our priests as Jesus manifest among us, Thank God we have you (all) to stand with us in times of great stress, and/or need....Thank you for the great sacrifice of self to serve....How great your love for the Lord must be......I can only imagine....

  2. Your last line is the title of a song by "Mercy Me"...

  3. It occurred to me 'What I am Here for' that the wonderful fact of discovering that answer is totally tied to one's openness to change.
    Spiritually speaking, the Lord can lead me as far as I want to go, if I fear not the path. Lord, give me the grace and perseverance to follow you so the challenges of the journey can be met.

  4. The Lord can lead you even if you are afraid of the path--so long as you continue to walk it with Him...

  5. It has also just occurred to me that we are all (not just the religious) called to serve others in His service (so to speak)....May we all receive the sight to see and the strength and courage to walk and/or follow in His Footsteps....even when we don't necessarily understand it all, just as our Heavenly Mary said YES......

  6. Once again I'm reminded of a song--"Servant Song," which we sang this morning at Mass (given the text of the Gospel)--esp. verse 5.

  7. I found the lyrics to "I can only Imagine" and the "Servant Song". It has occured to me to post these....

    I Can Only Imagine lyrics

    I can only imagine
    What it will be like
    When I walk
    By your side

    I can only imagine
    What my eyes will see
    When your face
    Is before me
    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine
    Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
    Will I dance for you Jesus or in honour of you be still
    Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
    Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine
    When that day comes
    When I find myself
    Standing in the Son

    I can only imagine
    When all I will do
    Is forever
    Forever worship You
    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine [x2]

    I can only imagine
    When all I will do
    Is forever, forever worship you

    I can only imagine
    by: Richard Gillard
    1. Brother, let me be your servant.
    Let me be as Christ to you.
    Pray that I might have the grace
    To let you be my servant, too.
    2. We are pilgrims on a journey.
    We are brothers on the road.
    We are here to help each other
    Walk the mile and bear the load.
    3. I will hold the Christ-light for you
    In the night time of your fear.
    I will hold my hand out to you;
    Speak the peace you long to hear.
    4. I will weep when you are weeping.
    When you laugh, I'll laugh with you.
    I will share your joy and sorrow
    Till we've seen this journey through.
    5. When we sing to God in heaven,
    We shall find such harmony
    Born of all we've known together
    Of Christ's love and agony.

  8. Actually, I had "Servant Song" by Sr. Donna Marie McGargill in mind...