Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My first instinct in writing about the plan of Rev Terry Jones is to say, “Let’s consider this rationally.” But the more I think of it, the more I think that trying to do that would be like trying to consider rationally things like Kristallnacht, or the rants of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, or the claims of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il about his prowess at golf.

There is nothing to be said for (or to) people who have hearts filled with hate, who have power (either political, or economic, or military, or because celebrity has been conferred on them), and who are megalomaniacs who see their view (and themselves) and nothing else.

Rev Jones’ behaviors and proposals are about as inverted a twist on Christian teaching as it is possible to get. He seems to have ‘modified’ the sayings of Jesus to read things like “Hate your enemies; curse to those who oppose you…” or “Blessed are you when you insult them and persecute them and utter every kind of evil against them…” or “Blessed are the war-makers…”

If in your own mind you can justify acts of deliberate and provocative offensiveness, you can justify anything. It has happened far too often in human history in the past; we must not stand by simply to watch it happen again in the present. This is not about religious freedom. This is not about political speech. This is about hatred, pure and simple.

The most interesting inter-faith group has assembled in Washington, DC to produce a statement that rejects Rev Jones’ Koran desecration—it includes Jews, Muslims, and Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, and Orthodox Christians. In our hearts, in our prayers, and in our voices of public protest, I pray we will all stand with them in condemning acts of hatred in all its forms, at all times, most especially by all who claim in doing so that they are giving glory to God.


  1. One of the interesting facets of militant fundamentalism is that the basis for their actions is often an innate need to defend God. Apparently Jones also has a direct line to God because when asked if he thought Jesus would burn the Qurans he answered emphatically, "YES!" So, in my view Fr. David you are correct that rational discourse will have no effect upon Jones. He will burn the Qurans without one iota of remorse.

    I wonder if he will be arrested and charged with accessory to murder when American soldiers die as a direct result of his actions.

  2. I agree with the Rev.Randy Jones: that the basis for this militant individual is an innate need to defend God. He has no fear of retaliation because, it is a martyr-like act in defending God. He represents a classic sociopath, utilizing a flawed conscience and character traits. He may not have received adequate recognition in his life, and lacks the insight to the far-reaching effects of his plan.
    Can society actively stop this act by an arrest for disturbing the peace, prior to the act -- like defusing a grenade before it goes off?

  3. If only the muslims would come together and condemn such acts as the terrorist attack on 9-11. While I don't condone the burning of any religious book; I do not see the comparison in burning a book, to the slaughter of thousands of innocents. I do not trust muslims or their religion, but I wouldn't harm them (or desire harm) or burn their book. They have a way of inflicting or forcing their beliefs, but have no regard/respect for others'beliefs. Jesus help me in my understanding and my struggles with their hate filled agendas.

  4. In keeping with the old adage that "Google is your friend", I did a little research on,
    1) The Dove World Outreach Center.
    2) The California Graduate School of Theology.
    3)."Doctor" Randy Jones.

    The Dove World Outreach Center, describes itself on it's website as a "New Testament Church-based on the Bible, the Word of God.

    The Dove World Outreach Center is located in Gainsville Fl, and has a membership of approximately fifty, including several associate pastors. While the website does not specifically state who interprets Scripture, it can be reasonably assumed that this task is the province of "Doctor" Jones.

    The California Graduate School of Theology is located in La Habra Calif. It was founded in 1968, has "graduated" approximately 5000 students, and is unaccredited.

    School records indicate that Terry Jones never actually attended The California Graduate School of theology, but was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctorate). The criteria for awarding honorary doctorates was not noted, nor was the year and date of Jones' award.

    The California Graduate School of Theology has gone on record as denouncing Jones' planned burning of a copy of the Quran on Sept 11, 2010.

    I've not been able to find anything about Jones' past, prior to his "answering the call" to become a preacher.

    He reportedly started a church in Cologne Germany in the nineteen eighties, took over the "Dove World Outreach Center in 1996.

    It's here that the record becomes a little confusing, as the bio on Jones indicates the congregation of the Cologne church kicked him out in 2008. One can only imagine why.

    "Doctor" Jones is also the author of a book entitled "Islam is of the Devil". It is not known, nor has it been stated, how well the book is doing. It's probably fairly safe to assume the work is not on any recognized Best Seller list.

    An interesting side bar cropped in my research on Terry Jones. If for some reason, he can't help you in your spiritual life, he can cut you a pretty good deal on some furniture. All sales are strictly on-line.

    So, should you happen to need a bedroom suite, some patio furniture, or perhaps a nightstand for the guest bedroom, Doctor Jones is your man.

    He can be contacted at TS&Co. TS&Co, by the way, shares the same physical address as the Dove World Outreach Center.

    Now that our background sketch on Terry Jones is complete, let's take a look at what will no doubt be his "fifteen minutes of fame".

    The planned burning of the Quran should really be a non-event. However, media coverage, and the presence in large numbers of the merely curious, will insure it receives far more attention than it deserves.

    To be certain, there is ample precedent for Jones' act of bigotry, fear, and intolerance.
    It took place on Germany almost eighty years ago, and was prompted by the same basic elements of an almost total lack of reason and decency. I refer to the Nazi's public burning of books which apparently scared them as the Quran has Terry Jones.

    It's not often that I agree with Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Eric Holder. In this instance they have my full agreement and support when they, along with Pope Benedict urge calm, reason, and implore Jones not to hold the scheduled burning of the Quran,

    In all probability, the contemplated act of intolerance is legal. Anybody can legally burn a book, his own property, on land or premises he either owns, or lawfully controls.

    In this particular case, we have a prime example of the truth, that what may be legal isn't always the correct moral or ethical act.

    Philip Callahan
    Retired Sergeant
    Alabama Dept of Public Safety
    Montgomery Al.

  5. Time after Time muslims come together when it concerns their own religion and agenda. By their collective overwhelming silence in not condemning terrorist acts; whether physical, or by their silence, is in fact a certain complicity in these atrocities. Where was the outcry over the heinous beheading of one our Bishops? In fact we, just like oblivious to reality silly sheep, with our heads stuck in a hole in the ground did or said nothing, but yet we're willing to take a stand over the burning of a book. This is all too disturbing for me. My head may not be top of the line (so to speak), but it's the only one I have. Only when they (muslims) as a group come together and demonstrate that they are in deed against these violent acts, will I believe that they wish us to live among us peaceably.