Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The day has been almost as exhausting as the trip and jet-lag (which this time was FAR less than last Jan:  I remembered to validate my train tickets this time!).  Only a few hours ago I learned that one of our main cantors, Ted Noller, died during a heart cath procedure.  And there is nothing I can do to get back. Yes, this stresses me because I know where I should be in times like this.  But I did pray for him In the Duomo this afternoon, and I will concelebrate Mass for him tomorrow evening at Santa Maria Novella, a wonderful Dominican church maybe 1/2 mile away.  Later I will post on FB some pictures from SMN and from the church of All Saints.
I have made up the cupola of St Peter's several times; tomorrow will be my first attempt up Giotto's Campanile (bell-tower).  I expect some great photo ops from there!

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