Friday, December 4, 2009


It’s been a while (over two months) since this passage of Philippians 2 has been true for me, thanks to my knee injury, my subsequent surgery, and the recovery process. I’ve been dedicating myself at least part of every day to the kind of PT exercises that my orthopedist recommended (along with special tips from a physical therapist who is a member of the parish). Slowly, very slowly, but surely, they are making a difference.

I am noticing this especially in the area of flexion. I try to be careful: being pseudo-athletic in my inclination and therefore several times seriously injured, I’m no stranger to surgery, PT, and pain. For me, though, there’s a qualitative difference in kinds of pain: one is the pain one always pushes through because it’s just tired or sore muscles; the other is the kind that may be warning, “You’re about to hurt yourself—back off!” It’s a delicate balance.

The goal for me, every day, is to see if there’s something I can now do that I couldn’t do the day before. It might be something very simple, like the ease of getting into and out of the tub for a morning shower. It might be a ‘victory’ like putting on my socks/shoes while remaining seated. It may be seeing how far back toward me my foot can now rest without pain.

Today, for the first time, I genuflected.

It was at Mass, and my knee actually went all the way to the ground. There was early-morning stiffness, of course (after all, for the South anyway, it’s cold out). But stiffness is not the same as pain, so I continued, and I made it. I will not say it was the loveliest reverence I’ve ever made, but it was eminently satisfying to me that I was able to do it.

This post is terribly autobiographical and therefore boring; it just pleased me to be able to write it. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. It's not boring at all! Well, I like personal posts, and I'm glad for you!