Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A friend from college days sent me a series of mediations (you can see how old they are), set in the form of dialogues between a soul and Jesus, by Gabrielle Bossis, in a book called He and I. The soul speaks, and Jesus replies (in italics). I was really struck by this one:

February 6, 1938:
In the train, I was saying my prayers mechanically as I was eyeing the pedestrians and the shops.

Gently He said to me: "If I were just a man I should ask: 'Are you making fun of me?'"

It says a great deal (too much, perhaps) to me; does it speak to you?


  1. I note this prayer message was posted on Candlemas Day which has had no special comment that day. And Pope John Paul, the 2nd,
    instituted the practice of the renewal of religious vows on Candlemas

  2. I'm sorry, but you are wrong. The quote I posted is dated 6 Feb, but Candlemas Day is 2 Feb. In the long run the date is not particularly relevant to the content of the quote, and religious communities renew their vows on various days (e.g., Jesuits on 31 July; Daughters of Charity on 25 March, and so on).