Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Two dear ladies were members of Our Savior for the first couple of years after I was assigned here. They were displaced from New Orleans by Katrina. They regularly liked to give me money for special needs in the parish. I always wrote them a thank-you note, and perhaps the first time I did this they sent me a card with even more money in it, with the simple note “Gratitude begets generosity!” They are no longer here, but their memory is very strong in me for their goodness, and I always wrote them a thank-you letter.

It’s hard for me not to think of this when I see the results of our Angel Tree project this year. In spite of the difficult economic times and the suffering of many people, Our Savior parish has been generous in the extreme. We have collected 369 bags of toys for children (all delivered down to Catholic Social Services), and we have enough stationary, pens, soap, shampoo, talc, lotion, stamps, and so on to cover (and more than cover) the 211 elderly we regularly visit in assisted living facilities and in their homes. This is really a staggering amount (the classroom nearest my office looks right now like the stock room for Target). The only thing I can reckon is that there is a great deal of gratitude to God in our parish, and this gratitude has begotten generosity in an amazing way.

So in this small way let me share my gratitude to you, as well, for your goodness.

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