Friday, February 24, 2012


An article on the AP wire services tells how a bill in the Virginia State legislature which would have mandated invasive sonograms before allowing abortions was defeated largely because of its being ridiculed on national TV comedy shows. 

I have no desire to discuss the merits of this legislation (an equivalent of which, as of now, has also been introduced into the Alabama State legislature). 

The reason is that reason itself is evidently no longer necessary to engage in political "discourse."  One only has to ridicule something in order to reject it (or perhaps be enraged enough to force others to accept it--witness the riots in Afghanistan now--not over nothing, but surely at this point blown out of proportion). 

Rage and ridicule are the two standards for getting what we want (as they were in childhood).

Joan Rivers famously used to ask, "Can we talk?"  I guess the answer is no...

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  1. The political climate is tyrannical - the average populace is so stressed that a slight nudge in the brain creates a fight or flight syndrome -- that is one of the earliest neural reactions of the caveman era (to which we seem to be returning). Perhaps we are at the witch hunt - witch burning at the stake generation....unfortunately, it is just reaching its peak and until a Leader is revealed through His second coming, we are floundering
    as a nation.