Friday, February 3, 2012


Below is a letter I sent today to The Mobile Press-Register.  Whether or not they print it, you can at least see it here (and on my Facebook page):

It is sad that the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation has given in to societal and political pressure and has agreed to re-fund Planned Parenthood.  But the original issue to which they were responding should not leave our sight.  Planned Parenthood advertises services for women that it simply does not provide.  Being caught in this kind of lie ruined the political hopes of one-time presidential candidate Gary Hart (I know this is ancient history).  It also raises a fundamental question:  if Planned Parenthood has knowingly and falsely solicited support on the basis of non-existent services, it has violated a public trust.  One can fairly ask, what other deceptions is this organization involved in, and why?  Such behavior should be more than enough to limit or terminate public funds; how much more so should a private foundation be within its rights to curtail funding, as well?

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  1. Just wanted to mention that the web site of Martin Fox@National Pro-Life Alliance offered a contact link to Susan B. Komen with a request that
    interested individuals could express their dismay at the organization's bow to political correctness. We, too, can apply pressure.