Sunday, February 12, 2012


In a very strongly worded statement about our current struggle with the Obama Administration on the Health & Human Services mandate and its encroaching on religious freedom, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput remarks, "Catholics are confused and angry. They should be." More than that, though, I feel sad and frustrated.

There are very few people in our country who are not aware (at least subliminally) of the scope and depth of commitment to service and direct aid to the poor of the institutions of the Catholic Church. It might be a local parish’s St Vincent de Paul Society, or Catholic Charities USA, or Catholic Relief Services world-wide–where there is a need, the Church responds. We do this because we are convinced that it is our responsibility as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Health insurance plans offered to employees of Catholic institutions like these have historically prohibited any kind of coverage for abortions, including "morning after" pills like Ella or RU486. Exceptions are also typically included for prescriptions for contraceptives for treatment of other health conditions. Is there anyone who does not know the Church’s position on the morality of abortion or contraception (whether you agree with that position or not)?

It is hard to think that there is not somewhere in this Administration a voice (a nominally "Catholic" voice?) that is saying, "We’ll make them pay–with a double meaning to the words.

There is an old saying, "If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it." Exactly what was "broke" in the outreach to the poor that goes on under the aegis of Catholic institutions that would require this kind of disregard for that institution’s moral stands?

Shortly before he gave his commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, President Obama was quoted in an interview as saying he "struggled" with the issue of abortion. I am presuming that his struggle (insofar as it ever really existed) is over; he evidently wishes to impose his conclusion on others, willy-nilly.

It is very sad and frustrating. It is even angering. Unfortunately, it is not confusing. It is simply politics.

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  1. Of course, one knows the answer to the statement of a need for a voice in the Obama administration which offsets the tyrannical decision to ignore the conscience of the Catholic church, as well as Protestant groups. When the people of the U.S. voted in for a change, our president made sure that his cabinet and judges had the same mind bent. We have seen the Congress divided. We have seen many voices of reason speaking to the air. If this president is re-elected, we can shudder. Electing a new congress with a more constitutional mind set can be a good decision only if the president doesn't arbitrarily veto any such public votes. Conversion of this country is in God's hands.